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Front of the Store at 312 East Main Eagle Lake, Texas


An Old Store on Main Street. The building built 76 years ago and still in great shape. Eagle Lake is 45 minutes southwest of Houston between 59 and I-10 west.

The front half of the building is Antiques At 312 Main and I am in the back.


On the right I have listed my staff so that those of you who do come by will know who you are dealing with.


Walmart Has their greeters at the front door and We have Hermoine Mae.

Hermoine Mae Black Dog


The newest of the found dogs Phoebe


Our fitness and aerobics instructor Streak

did you know people bring cats to the country to release them so they can live the good life. Well we find them starving and injured. That is why we have cats.

Grandma black cat was one of the first. She is so afraid of anyone she is impossible to catch to take in order to get her to the Vet.

Grandma Black Cat

I have a chair at the vet with my name on it. Do you wonder why?

Honey daughter of Grandma black cat.


She is also wild but catchable and getting ready to head to the vet.

Babe also a daughter of Grandma black cat.


Not so Catchable but is also going to the vet.

These just slipped by me

group one

another part of group one

Still more of group one



Winnie Marie

The Boss CEO Winnie

Ricardo Maximillian after dark known as Don Luis De La Vega

The Head of our HR dept

Topper One Bad Cat

Our somewhat friendly

warehouse staff

Shasta Gisselle aka Marie Antoinette for her off with their heads approach to security

Head Of Security

Cosmo was saved from a shopping center where he was eating out of the scraps of an Italian restaurant. He still resents it, you can not eat pasta in front of him without him getting an attitude.

Cosmo a very pretentious old boy


Quick another old timer very shy and very fast hence the name

quick the speedster