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1856 is Mayfair Games' version of the critically acclaimed 18XX railroad game system for Upper Canada, including the upper reaches of the St. lawrence River, and the Toronto to Detriot area fo southern Ontario. Players use their initial money to capitalize railroad companies, which can in turn build track, buy locomotives, and generate income. Players may engage in corporate raiding, stock manipulation, and insider trading to take advantage of their opponents and win the day. Special play features include the ability of every player to open and operate a rail company, with the government providing loans to help and the ability to cut small towns from your route. Deluxe components include warp-resistant board, plastic sorting tray, high quality playing pieces and contemporary currency. Rules for 18XX are available in text form only. For 3 to 7 players ages 16 and up. 1856 is a registered trademark of Mayfair Games, Inc. All Rights Reserve 1856 is personally endorsed and approved by Francis Tresham, the designer of 1829, upon which 1856 is based. Contents: Map of Upper Canada (Southern Ontario) Stock Table 26 Locomotive Cards 118 Stock Certificates 6 Private Company Certificates 1 Priority Marker Card 122 Die Cut Hexagonal Ties 102 Die Cut Tokens 12 Corporate Charters Money, Plastic Sorting Tray



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