Crimson Skies

Squadron #1 Broadway Bombers $15.95

Squadron #2 Hollywood Knights $15.95

Squadron # 3 Fortune Hunters $15.95

Crimson Skies #1 Aces East meet s West $15.95


Name: Robert "Buck" Deere (P21-J MkIII Devastator) Figure Number: 011

Playtip: Buck and his Devastator are a fine marriage of style and substance. His range, maximum speed, and piloting abilities are all average, but his High Performance and Armor Piercing mean heíll provide great punch for his point cost. Try to keep him out of the fray, harassing enemies from afar. When your enemies underestimate Buckís plane, swoop in for the kill.


Name: Ellen Sue ďTexĒ Ryder (P21-J MkIII Devastator) Figure Number: 012

Playtip: Tex is a greenhorn, straight out of the corral. Her Devastator is an average plane, but sheís added a few accessories that make her an excellent addition to your squadron. Her Armor Piercing cuts through tough opponents, and even if her Piloting isnít the highest, she makes up for it with Additional Armor, ensuring sheíll live to fly another day. Keep her in the fray, spraying the enemy with her special ammunition, and she wonít disappoint.

Name: "Brooklyn" Betty Charles (FB14 "Vampire") Figure Number: 013

Playtip: The great thing about a Vampire is that it can take the knocks. Put a pilot like Brooklyn behind the stick, and youíve got a killing machine. With a silhouette of 3 and a front range of 4, a deep dial is a good thing. The Vampire isnít designed for speed; instead, get behind your opponent and blast away with that 5 gunnery value, or use your Torpedo equipment and watch the fireworks. After a few hits, Brooklynís Torpedo goes away, replaced by Armored Components. Keep on blazing with her guns (still a 4 at this point), and watch as your bruised opponents try to penetrate your hide.

Name: "Big John" Washington (FB14 "Vampire") Figure Number: 014

Playtip: Big Johnís Vampire may be slow, but woe to the pilot who gets in its front arc. His Aerial Harpoon equipment will destroy the best-laid plans of his enemies, and his Drill Rocket equipment will make you grab the dog and think about paying off your last plane. When Big Johnís on your squadron, keep him flying, make your opponents come to you, and turn them to kibble with your rockets. And donít forget to gloat.



DC Heroclix

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