It seems that Small Press Publications are always in the Backstage of the comic world and some of them are just great books that get over looked.


Kill Box Issue #1


Kill Box Issue #2

A Marine Corps M1 tank is trapped behind enemy lines. Four brave men and 60 tons of American steel must break out of the KILLBOX.Sgt. Lalone leads his crew across the hellish Iraqi desert swarming with Russian armor, mines, and tank-killers. Lalone is determined to get through or get some before he goes down. He must choose between destroying a main enemy supply line or rescuing two U.S. missionaries fleeing the desert carnage. Can he jeopardize thousands of American lives for the sake of the two women? The "tip of the spear" has gone too deep, and even the awesome power of the tank and the souls of iron within won't be enough to see home again. But the enemy has a tiger by the tail, and the gods of war will take a heavy toll. Story and artwork by Marine Corps veteran Brian Denham (Darkness, Evil Ernie, The Undead).



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