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Books I would read from Marvel

1. The Sentinel

Sentinel #2


2. The Ultimate Spiderman Trade Paperbacks 1 - 5
3. The Cage (MR) TPB offered for September
4. Ultimate Spiderman # 42
Ultimate Spiderman #42 By Bendis

5. Essential X-Men Vol 1. $14.95

Essential X-Men Vol 1 By Chris Claremont

If you are looking for a particular Marvel Comic and could not find it please let us know by using the form below. Just to let you know I do not give out customer E-Mail addresses to anyone.


The Essentials

$14.95 each

Black and White Publication of up 23 issues of the Comics you like to Read. Books that can cost hundreds of dollars for a single issue for a fraction of the cost.




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